Company mission

To safely deliver all projects, any time, in any environment for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities we serve.
Our company vision is to be the world’s premier contractor delivering projects and services to a global marketplace.
Our track record has proven that time and again when faced with the task at hand, regardless of the challenges, we deliver the work with pride
To that end, Green Canyon motto or slogan is “We Deliver According to the situation that conditions experienced by Iraq in the many last years that Promote investment in the industry and construction and investment fields and the other fields in Iraq and the subsequent from the bad security situation in the country that restricted works and have prevented the development.
Therefore our companies group look forward to enter the best and modern construction and trading and investment methods to advance of civilization for Iraq to the best appropriate level distinguished and we look forward to reduce the unemployment in Iraq.
We look forward to deal with global companies to greatest the work.
We look forward to construct main facility in Baghdad that has many offices for the designing and construction, investment, trading and transportation (both land and sea transport).