About us

A brief about Green Canyon company

Green Canyon company was established in Iraq as one of the largest companies to work in contracting and trading, Backed by a creative and innovative work team that uses modern systems and methods in the industry of contracting and designing, and in road sidewalk works and in building residential and trading compounds and large establishments.

Our company has done and accomplished many large projects that had clearly effected in strengthening the infrastructure, also the company worked and participated in the success of the reconstruction efforts in Iraq in a very successful way; One of these projects is the project of Upgrade Training Capacity of FOB Solidarity National Police Center.

After many successes in the field of construction and investment, we got to the high degree of expertise, which led us to conduct a new field, We have intensified our efforts in the field of investment, in the past two years we have invested in north of Iraq, and now are in the process of building low cost housing units to assist group of people with limited income and also our company have engnieers we employ the best professionals from accross the globe. We value diversity and provide competitive remuneration and career development opportunities for our employees throughout our business are (65 men).

Our company are to build quality construction projects according to their original specifications , on time and in budget, Architectural craftsmanship, Engineering, Integrity, Honesty, and quality workmanship are what they have built their reputation.

These time-honored qualities are incorporated into every project built by our company. We have the experience to handle any size project yet we are committed to personalized attention to each project to ensure all goals are achieved.

Merging traditional values with today's technologies to better serve our clients future's. Our company know construction and services that is why so many of our customers are clients term to us to help them maximize the safety , efficiency and productivity of the projects and operations.